Service Request

Service Request is an application that helps collaboration between Requester and Worker. It supports request in various types of services, for example, Maintenance Equipment or Place for Rent. Requester can create a service request including detail such as service type, date of service, attachment files, and information related to entity that being serviced (requester can simply scanning a bar-code, information will be automatically retrieved). When requester submitted a request, the service workflow will be started and assign tasks to participants that involve in the request. Service Request application has a dash board which contains summary data for monitoring and analyzing. In addition, it supports working on mobile devices so that both requesters and workers can work everywhere.   Business Benefits

  • Easy and Fast to create request because application support on Mobile
  • Increase working performance of worker because application support on mobile
  • Reduce the mistake of data communications

App Detail

Department: Sale & Marketing
Industry: All Industry
Vendor: Arise Corporation.

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