Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation, abbreviated SFA, the way of using application software to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation.   The application on Mobile that enables account representatives to do tasks for day-to-day operations.   SFA also supports off-line mode for user to update transactions and upload to Back Office System later.   BUSINESS BENEFIT

  • Reduce time to market
    • Value of removing data entry cost
    • Routing Plan for account representatives
  • Wireless connectivity to Back Office System
    • Anywhere & Anytime
    • Real time integration with Back Office System
    • No need to come back to Headquarter, Just online
  • Leverage smart devices
    • Used for other purposes, such as inventory management and competitor survey

App Detail

Department: Sale & Marketing
Industry: Retail
Version: 1.0
Vendor: Metro Systems Corporation.

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