Evaluation and Development

Evaluation and Development system is a set of applications which provides you an ideal tool to evaluate your employees. You can set for company KPI (Performance Evaluation) and/or Competency Evaluation. The result of the evaluations can lead to Salary Increase/Merit Payment/Bonus/Incentive. Also, for Employee development plan. You are able to set the Corporate KPI and cascade to each department. Manager can set its own KPI separated from Company’s KPI and cascade to subordinates. Also, employees are able to set their own KPI/Target which related to department’s KPI. Performance/Competency Evaluation then take place in the certain period : 6-month/Annually. You can set the evaluation model to 360 degree by specify each participant to the form as well as the formula to calculate the final score. Finally, the score can be transferred to Employee’s profile for development planning. BUSINESS BENEFIT

  • Reduce HR operation cost per FTE
  • Automation in this self-services application increases data accuracy.
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating processes.
  • Reduce personnel costs with lower administrative demands on your HR department
  • Low HR process compliance, quality, and transparency
  • Build a foundation that can grow with the organization

App Detail

Department: Human Resource
Industry: All Industry
Vendor: Ardency Consultant

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